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I’m excited to announce the launch of my Tea Spirit 2015 Calendar kickstarter! 

The calendar will include 12 all new tea spirit illustrations. In addition, I’m collaborating with Song Tea to create packaging for an 8 tea collection featuring my art. If you’re interested, please check it out!



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Pumpkin Spice Fox and Tanuki make friends.

Pumpkin Spice Fox and Tanuki make friends.

punkin spice fox

punkin spice fox


i wanted to try selling adoptables so im making a species wow. it is basically just cute feather raptors who take on the attributes of their environment/elements/something they see after hatching.

natural types are like these two, the first one being ice and the second one being air. they have more natural adaptations based on their attribute. special types are inherently magical and can be influenced by pretty much anything, and their attributes manifest themselves more uniquely.

this natural ice is fluffy and mostly light coloured. a special ice naturaptor might have frost breath and spikes made of icicles.

this natural air has got long wings, legwings, and tail feathers for flight! a special air naturaptor might have extra wings, or have a tail made of clouds.

also, you can buy either of these two designs for 10 dollars! message me if you want a cute dino!

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draws umi forever

draws umi forever

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My new icon! <3

My new icon! <3

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cute puppers for an art trade with Sula. &lt;3

cute puppers for an art trade with Sula. <3

sketchdumpins.  featuring random stuff from lately as I try to figure out how to draw again.

umis are sammpai's closed species <3

Otakon swag! Complete with low res webcam pictures that can’t possibly do this stuff justice lol

Adorable Doki the Fox plushie and three sticker sets by Celesse, who I have admired for many years and was so pleased to finally meet!

Shockingly high quality and exquisitely cute Rin keychain by Alyssaties, who is fabulous!  At some point I might need the whole set…

Three reversible!! and perfect charms by Shattered-Earth, I have the Totoro one on my phone right now!

Haikyuu and Free! stickers by Mookie!  I can’t bear to use them, they’re just too sparkly and adorable!  I will treasure them always. <3

This was my first con and a ton of fun, I got to meet a lot of artists I have admired from afar and some friends I had never before seen IRL! ;v; I will def consider going to some more cons in the future. <3

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i try to draw sometimes and this is a blog about the stuff that comes out

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